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I just had an argument with the pavement, which I lost.. Unless ending up covered in my blood = losing, in which case both I and the pavement lost..

Miraculously, my headphones came apart (they've got those noise cancelling bud things), and yet I managed to find both of the lost pieces. It's funny, because about a minute beforehand, I'd been thinking to myself that it's a wonder I haven't lost any pieces of my headphones yet..

Anyway, this will teach me to try to run for buses in smart shoes - this would never have happened if I had been wearing my trainers.. Or hadn't had a backpack on.. Or I was still twenty years old.. Anyway, point is, it's good to be able to come home to a girlfriend armed with antiseptic, even if it does feel like she's stung me with the force of a thousand bees.. :o\

Gross pictures when the plasters come off :o)

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At least I feel better about being clumsy.

Pfft, this goes beyond clumsy - this was spectacular..

I mean seriously, I was already running pretty fast when I slipped, and I'm pretty sure the shift in my centre of gravity as I started to stumble only increased my speed... :o\


I mean. ' =( '

Where did you fall?

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