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(no subject)
I just had cause to tell somebody "When I have to appear nude, I prefer it to be by surprise, rather than by appointment". Obviously I've had too little sleep :o)

Going to see Elbow tonight, in Bristol.. Tickets are in my pocket and ready to go :o)

Also, I have seven postcards to post today to various people, which should be fun.. I have no idea yet what the postage is like on these things..

And once again, I have the songs from Phantom of the Opera running around my head, and it will probably remain that way all day.. It's a bad sign to be singing songs from musicals at 7:30am...

More later, but first, I must send out 10,000 text messages to our customers :o)
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if i've told you once, i've told you a thousand times...it was an accident!

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