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Day 2
Okay, so less impressive today.. Went to the gym again, but I'm still "feeling it" from yesterday.. Managed fifteen minutes on the treadmill, nine minutes on the sort of ski machine thing, and six minutes on the exercise bike. I was hoping for more from the bike, but once I got to it I realised quite how much my thighs felt like I'd done enough..

Still, with my outstanding grasp of mathematics, I calculate that I did exactly 30 minutes of exercise, which is not bad.. Kept up a reasonably high heart rate throughout too, for maximum effect.

So that's twice in two days - a definite improvement on past performance. And to top it off, I've also had three of my Five A Day again, which ought to keep me full for the rest of the afternoon. So far, this all seems quite positive :o)

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Do it 11 times and, according to what I've heard, you'll have yourself a bona fide exercise habit.

Mmm, I always wanted to get addicted to something.....

so all that inspiration talk wasn't for naught, eh?

good for you :]

and coincidentally, yesterday i decided "today i'm going to get back into going to the gym!" and was all excited by it...only to find that they had closed early. damn.

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