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Good Morning Universe
Hmm, anti-climax? Possibly... The first Friends DVD came today, so we just sat and watched through two and a half hours of Season 7 directors cuts. Not bad, half-way through now. These are the first episodes I've seen without reading the scripts in advance since the first series, which is quite some achievement. I was rather impressed, especially with a few of the jokes left out of the first couple of episodes (the ones I've seen off TV)... And there were a few really good giggle-worthy moments, which is also good. We'll probably start watching the rest at about 3pm, thus giving us time to watch them, followed by Dawson's Creek. Hooray :o)

Anyhow, Becca has a new phone, which is nice. I'm really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow, it should be good. The plan for the rest of the day now is fairly simple - Internet, Friends, Dawson's Creek, and Food. I'm getting nice human interaction from the people coming to my room, so I don't really have to go out or anything...

It's actually rather good - I can stay in my room, and people come to me. It has been said by people in the flat that I'm the only person who can pull this off - if ever they retire to their rooms, perhaps one or two people come to see them, but that's it. However, with me, everybody comes to speak to me. It rules.... I'm still kinda pissed off at Harry and Alex for thinking that they're in some way responsible for me staying in my room - the bloody cheek of it...

So, let's think, who knows about Jen now? Well, Vicky does, because I've been going on about Jen to her for well over a week now. Annie does, because she came in yesterday during my phone call to her. She asked who it was, and I started doing the dismissive thing I always do "Oh, just a friend", then I thought "No, I'll just tell her", so I did. She later insisted on seeing a picture of her, and was approving :o)

Right, now food. I'll have to wash up from last night first though - I still didn't do that. I've let everything soak and get mostly clean, but I'll have to actually finish the job before I can feast on various foods... And by that I mean toast. Unless, of course, I just run down to the shop and buy a load of shit. I think I might have to anyway, so that I can keep Becca well fed. Becca honey, call me and tell me what you want to eat sometime soon, so I can get it in. Otherwise it's just toast, bacon, cheese, the usual stuff. Mind, if you do want anything better, it might be best if you cook it yourself - I probably won't know how to cook the (two) things you like to eat (yes, your parents tell me all). Oh, and knowing what sort of time you plan to arrive might help too - if you're really lucky, I'll have had a chance to do my laundry by then, and you'll have clean sheets. Not that my present ones aren't clean, you understand... *ahem*.... Anyway, when I've quite finished digging myself a little hole...

Shopping list.... Well, I might want some..... Butter, Bread, Marmite, Peanut Butter, Apple Juice, Chocolates, Cola, Pringles... That's probably about it, really... Perhaps I'll now get back to web designing. I want S2 so that I can redo my journal properly, but until then, maybe I'll concentrate on my personal site.... Above all, I need a layout - I'll go code that up now, I think :o)

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I often do that. The solution is to put the lits in your pocket as soon as you make it, then you're OK :o)

I've been wondering for a while... what is Marmite??

Not something I can explain - you have to experience it for yourself.

What's in it?

Yeast extract, salt, vegetable extract, niacin, thiamin, spice extracts, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin B12

Oh, hush, it's yummy

Haha! It sounds awful! I was expecting like, honey and sugar or something :o)

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