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This is gold..

"Famous Five: On the Case features the children of the original ginger beer-loving adventurers - and their dog, Timmy."

I note that the originals have been retcon'd - I'm pretty sure they weren't all ginger, and this beer-loving thing is obviously a blatant attempt to market to kids..

"The team is completed by adventure junkie Max, who is 13-year-old Julian's son; Dylan, the 11-year-old son of Dick, and dog Timmy."

So Max is the son of a thirteen year old - how very modern.. Julian obviously started early.. And I'm sure they intended that last comma to be an Oxford comma, except that the list is delimited by semi-colons, so it would require an Oxford semi-colon. As it stands, it quite clearly states that Dylan is half man, half dog, and that Dick has got a lot of explaining to do.

"Because George was such an intrepid explorer in the original novels we thought it would be only natural that she travelled to India, to the Himalayas, where she fell in love with Ravvi. That's the back story (to Jo)."

Interesting, I always thought that George was a racist lesbian, which doesn't entirely gel with the above scenario..

"The animated series was given the seal of approval by Blyton's eldest daughter, Gillian Baverstock, before she died at the age of 76 last year."

Can't think what might have killed her.....

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i'm not too shocked by julian, he always was awfully "mature" and "grown up" for his age... ;o)

Beer-swilling, teen-birthed demi-dogs? This cartoon is sounding very Japanese.

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