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(no subject)
This is surreal.. Naomi and I had been wondering where the bus we get home from town stops before it gets to our stop.. Just because it's sometimes a pain to get to our stop - lots of people waiting there, back of the queue, etc..

Anyway, I couldn't work out where in town it actually stopped.. until watching Skins, in which they showed very conveniently that a #25 bus stops just outside House of Fraser.. See? It's an educational show!

It's very odd watching things set where I live :o\
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I don't know why the idea of you watching Skins is so weird to me.
Anyways, it's amazing. And...that would be incredibly odd to notice.

Why would it be weird? It's our show.. That would be like me thinking you watching Stargate is weird..

Except that would be weird.

Yes, it’s your show but I didn’t know it was the type of show that you enjoyed watching.

What is Stargate?!

Why wouldn't I? Don't let the smileys fool you - I'm well into youth culture.. Plus, it's always amusing to hear the local accents on TV, Bristol accents don't really get much exposure on most shows..

And Stargate is the whole reason I can spot Canadian accents - it's what taught me the difference.. I don't think it's your thing really.

PS, I won't tell the rest of your friends list that you replied to a post in my personal journal - can't have them thinking that you're not self-absorbed, can we? :o)

…all the accents sound the same to me. British accent = British accent = British accent. Sometimes I lose what they say when they start talking quickly. I find it amusing.

Hmm. If you say so. I feel like I’m missing out on so many Canadian highlights.

Pfft. I make a gallant effort to comment on personal journals at least once a month. My flist is full of the crazies.

Pfft.. The characters with Bristolian accents are mostly just Maxi and Sid (and especially Maxi's dad).. And anybody in it who says "ello thar my luvurr!"

It's kind of like a pirate accent, actually..

Coincidence that Maxi and Sid are my two favourite characters?

I must like ‘em pirates.

Or you like socially awkward geeks and homosexuals..

After all, surely as a Ninja you're ideologically opposed to Pirates on a fundamental level..

That’s an entirely false assumption. The rivalry between Ninjas and Pirates was completely fabricated by the early Internet nerds…probably the same ones who still use smiley faces.

I've a love for socially awkward geeks and pretty homosexuals. Yes. I cannot deny this.

That sounds like something the E4 announcerman would say.

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