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(no subject)
Naomi says "I don't think paedophiles should be allowed to watch little children milking cows"...

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Most people tend to think paedophiles shouldn't be allowed to watch children at all ;)

Yes, paedophiles on TV should be treated completely differently.

They should be forced to watch children milking cows, with little pressure-sensitive buzzers attached to their groins. The last one to buzz is the winner, the prize being an unsupervised trip to Disneyland.

How does she plan on stopping you?


and i leave the A out of pedophiles for future reference.

I like my Naomi better - she can spell properly :oP

i dont go by naomi anymore anyway. nomi all the way. it was just a "unknownj is the only commenter on this ama post, lemme see what he's up to in his journal in a totally normal and not creepy whatsoever way and the first thing i see is my name and a quote attributed to it" type situation.

my SO was reading too and it prompted me to explain that no, you werent talking about me, and that no, i dont actually know you. thanks.

also, we are not friends :-(.

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