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I don't think I'd realised quite how awesome my keyboard is before, or maybe I just never really understood how to use it properly..

There's a button, and if you tap along to something with that button, it matches the tempo of what you're tapping and brings in the drums. That's very useful. And the style library thing seems to have enough different beats to match up to most songs - I managed to get a pretty close approximation to Elevator Love Letter by Stars.. Then the auto accompaniment thing will match any chord you care to play - holding down C, D, E, G gives you a good Cmaj9, etc. etc... So it turns out, so long as I can find a guitar tab for a song, and so long as I can remember how to get awkward things like suspended chords and stuff on a keyboard rather than a guitar, then I can match the tempo, I can match the rhythm guitar, match the drums, and record the song through.. Add another couple of tracks for harmonies and melodies, and then I have something fairly decent to play guitar along to..

I mean, I could always play along to the song itself, but ideally I want a slightly less full canvas to play with..

That's my Sunday sorted :o)
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Lack of contact information on your website has obligated me to pester you on your journal, and I apologize for that, but I had an idea. Along with the little icons you've been putting next to our comments in AMA, what about adding another that links to our photo in the picture post? I thought it'd be kinda neat for the people who don't have icons of their faces, and it'd help bring more attention to the fact that there is an official picture post. I'd personally forgotten until I was checking out the userinfo, but maybe that's the point.

Already way ahead of you, I've built it, I'm just working out the best way to actually implement it - at the minute it's a link via the comment database on my website, which looks up the talkid of the comment that they posted on that particular post, and redirects them.. But there might be traffic implications from everyone going through my website, and it's not worth the hassle of hardcoding it into the actual style :o)

But good idea :o)

Ah, cool! Part of me figured you'd already thought of it, you do seem to be on top of everything. I'd offer to cough up some of my webspace to help, since for the moment I pretty much don't have a damn thing on my site except a blog I haven't even made public yet (well, it's viewable, I just haven't linked to it from anywhere), but I bought the lowest plan, so considering how active that place is, my bandwidth might get eaten quicker than I'd expect.

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