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Voice Post:
84K 0:25
“Blah blah blah, something about me being stupid..

Blah blah, reveal unto us your accent

If you can't do that, describe it in amusing terms


Transcribed by: unknownj

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it may be all the sam adams talking, but i'm glad you started this post on AMA. did you actually listen to all of the responses or did you disable (because its AMA and something so popular would be an inbox flood to avoid)?

I listened to / watched all of them, it was quite the flood of e-mails, but worth it.. :o)

I'd be lying if I said I watched it in full, but yes :o)

i dont think my fiancé even watched it all the way through, and he loves me. so dont worry about it.

i watched it before posting (to make sure i stayed fully clothes throughout to be quite honest...it was one of a few i sent to him....and y'know, long distance makes fools of us all) and i just laughed because all i did was pull faces and say "how cool, how nice" over and over again about mundane crap. probably because i wanted it to seem interesting?

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