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Finally did it....
After hearing complaints from friends that ICQ had started to add advertisement banners to their message windows, I knew it was the end. And now it is - they got mine just a few minutes ago.

Right, here's how this works. I positively refuse to over-use ICQ if I'm going to have banner ads forced on me. So I'm migrating most of my chat to MSN Messenger, moreso than usual. If you want to contact me, go for that, rather than ICQ. I also use AIM, but don't contact me on that for two reasons.
  1. AIM is what I talk to Jen on. I don't want to have to go make a private username that you don't know just so I can have privacy. If I hear an AIM noise, I expect it to be her, not somebody else. Use MSN to talk to me.
  2. ICQ is owned by AOL. AOL probably want people to use their own Messenger software. Well I won't migrate from ICQ to AIM, because it's what they want. I'd sooner go to Microsoft for my normal chatting needs

It would have been vaguely sad, a few months ago. I'd have been well pissed off - after all, I met the only girl I loved on ICQ. But now, thankfully, LJ has that particular title, and ICQ is just a faded memory. Bye bye Karen, hello Jen. But LJ, I'm telling you, if you start adding banner images to the client, and to every single page, which account for about 1/3 of the space of each window, I might get pissed ;o)

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You're leaving ICQ because of the little ads? Come on, what happened to the James I know? The guy, who wants to do it in his way?

Have a try with the zip file, which the other dude posted and get rid of the advert.

yeah hell, if LJ client started that you'd have to use my client, and we *all* know how bad that would be :o)

If you use MSN Messenger and you don't want the adverts at the bottom of it then follow Mr. Cross' guide-me-do:

1. Locate the Links.txt file in the Messenger Folder, which is prolly C:\Program Files\Messenger.
2. Open the file and delete everything in it. Save the file.
3. Make the file "Read-Only".

No more Kit Kat advets then.

lol, and if you alter license.txt and mailtmpl.txt you can piss about with the tos and the welcome letter, or you can do what david did and give the msn guy horns!

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