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It's a new year, and I haven't slept yet....
Welcome to 2008 - I hope it swallows you all..

2007 was weird.. Lots of changing plans.. Living in Cardiff, then living in Bristol, buying in Bristol, then renting in Bristol, then buying near London, and none of it is truly resolved even now.. I'm working for a new boss, in a new team, doing the same old stuff, but maybe in new ways. Maybe not.

As time passes, very little actually changes - it's hard to work out in what ways the start of 2008 truly differs from the start of 2007. That's kind of a selfish point of view - for Naomi it's been a huge upheaval, graduating from university, getting a job, and all the associated stress that goes with it. And I've just been sailing along, reacting to everything but not really actually doing all that much. Life seems to fall into place around me with minimal effort, and it's hard to know whether I'm doing it all very right or just doing it wrong.

This next year ought to be interesting.. Holiday to Barbados in February, which will cover my three year anniversary with Naomi, plus Valentine's Day too. I mean seriously, that's like the best holiday it's possible to have, and we've got so much spending money for it that we'll be sorted for summer wardrobes for the rest of the decade.. Then as I settle into my new job, things will start taking shape. Where I'll be working, exactly what I'll be doing, where it's all going. I hope I haven't put an unreasonable amount of faith in these things becoming clear, but that's how it usually works..

It's funny, I'm starting to work out where I want to go with my career, but it's a case of trying to carve out a similar shaped hole within the company I'm at, so that I can do that stuff there.. I don't really want to work elsewhere, and I think that the stuff I want to do with my time is stuff that would benefit the business. My pet project during my illness was to become the Google equivalent on LiveJournal, with methods for acquiring, storing, processing and applying data. Suffice it to say, I was successful, and now I have all sorts of ideas on e-mail tracking and stuff. But that's all for a much geekier day, when hopefully I'll be sending the ideas to my boss rather than posting them here.

In any case, the plan now is fairly simple. January is all about getting closer to a decent body, so that I may frolic semi-nude in Barbados without the locals attempting to harpoon me or similar. February is all about getting the fuck out of this country and doing something awesome, followed by recovering from that. March is then about back to reality, working with the work situations that will have arisen in January, and figuring out how life can adapt around those. This may well include moving close to London, and I can't see why I would mind that at all - I rather like London after all..

So yes, happy 2008, and happy birthday to my brother who turned 21 on New Year's Eve. I'm looking forward to the next year rather a lot, and especially looking forward to spending it with the girl I love. Can't really ask for more from a year :o)