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(no subject)
So I went home for five days, it being Christmas and all that.. This entry is less about Christmas, and more about home..

Christmas is fun at home - Christmas tree, stocking, the same bed I used to sleep in like twenty years ago.. I dunno, Christmas is a time for family, and for me that tends to mean my own childhood - at least until I have a family of my own..

So I took some shots of the view from my window, since it's been the same view for quite some time now.. I'm sure that to every other person in the world, it's absolutely mundane, but to me it's always special.. Streetlights, empty roads, I dunno - I really love the world as it appears in the middle of the night, and looking out of the window at 2am is probably where a lot of that comes from..

So this morning we went on a nice walk in the hills.. One of the great things about growing up where I did was the fact that there was this whole world of nature within walking distance of the house. At primary school, we used to go on trips where we'd walk a six mile round trip to this other village in the hills and back.. This morning's little excursion was to one of the places along that route, it's a lovely clearing with excellent views of the village.

It's funny, after twenty six years, I still can't quite work out which house is mine..

I really should aim to get back there in the spring, and again in the summer, just to see how much everything changes.. It was great to be able to actually see through all the trees, for starters, and I guess that sort of visibility won't really last into the summer.. To finish, I thought I'd put up a picture of the last seed pod left in the field, with the village as a backdrop.. I quite like it :o)

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i have an idea where our house should be but need to see a bigger photo to pinpoint its exact location.

I've still got all the high-res versions, you can point it out to me at the weekend if you want :o)

and you may not want to have livejournal remember you on mum's computer. it took me a lot of will-power not to play with your journal before logging you out ;o)

The picture of your trail is gorgeous! I love it. It makes me want to be there right now and go walking.

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