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(no subject)
It's kind of weird, last weekend Naomi was mostly away, it being the "party season" and all that.. Work Christmas do, friends' birthdays, etc.. And there's just certain things you miss when somebody is away..

I was just reminded of this, because my mother asked me, seemingly at random, "Does Naomi sing?" And that's probably the thing I miss the most when she's not around - she has the most lovely voice, and every now and then she just bursts into random songs :o) It certainly makes the car journeys a lot more fun (we don't have a car radio) - DIY entertainment..

This last week I've had an awful cold, so when we drove 'back East' for Christmas I found that my "singing" (if it can even be called that at the best of times) was just painful. The only way I could hit notes was by singing about two octaves lower than usual.. So much of the time was just spent listening to her instead, and that'll do for me :o)

It's just funny, the things you miss the most when the person you love isn't about...
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