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(no subject)
More shit reporting from the BBC..

"During her reign, the Queen's achievements have already included being the first British monarch to send an e-mail, to have a message put on the moon..."

I mean seriously, are these people fucking stupid? As the only British monarch for 55 years, logically she can claim some sort of relationship to anything novel during that time.. She was also the first British monarch to see England win the world cup, or the first to be in power when JFK was shot (in fact the only one to be in power when JFK was shot - how special!).. I just don't see how any of this is meaningful or helpful in any way...

In other news, I'll try to write something that isn't just general indignation at the poor quality of journalism coming out of the BBC later...

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Urgh. Stop being me.

Hehe, did you notice that too then?

I just don't see how there's any pride in being the first to do something if nobody could have done it before you, and a failure to have done it at all would represent an anomaly..

If she'd never sent an e-mail, that would be weird, and if a previous monarch had done it first, that would be time travel. Thus, not a special achievement.

What if a future monarch manages to send an email before Liz?

Also time travel. So they could be the first monarch to time travel, I suppose....

Not if a double future monarch does it first.

What if I go back through time, pick up Jesus, and take him on a ride? As King of Kings, would that make him the first Time Travelling Monarch?

(Deleted comment)
Maybe, but not if I took a current monarch back in time to before the first ever monarch - then my monarch would be the first ever time travelling monarch, in an absolute sense...

I never realised what a complicated system monarchy was - no wonder lots of countries prefer being republics...

(Deleted comment)
But is she the first British monarch to have owned a DeLorean?!

Not if I go back in time, and.......

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