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(no subject)
It doesn't seem fair.. At more than 51 degrees north, I live in a city more northerly than Calgary in Canada. Now, in Calgary, the temperatures get down as far as minus ten degrees at night, and it looks like they'll have snow this weekend, thus maybe snow over Christmas. That, to me, is real winter.

But no. We have to have the stupid gulf stream, keeping everything pleasantly above freezing.. It would be okay if it had delivered a proper summer, but it didn't - we got jack shit that season, and we're going to get likewise this season too. I'm sure that as a child, there was proper snow in the winter, and proper sunshine in the summer.. Furthermore, I was sure that extremes of weather were going to be a result of global warming. Thus far I've yet to see any real extremes (except rain in the middle of summer), and I am dissatisfied.

I should like to request a refund.

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I doesn't seem fair

well, i assume it's a typo...

Well spotted, thank you :o)

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