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In the bleak midwinter...
It's funny how fast everything can change..

I went out to get some groceries, and the sky was just fantastic.. So I went on a bit of a walk, and got myself completely lost, which is always fun - I'm not entirely sure where I ended up, but since we live right next to the edge of the city, there was a great view out into the countryside:

From there it went downhill, unfortunately.. One of the things about living in the city is that as soon as you actually want to get somewhere, you have to actually get back to main roads, and the urban decay that comes with it. Add to that the fact that the sunset then starts to go too, and you're just left with a very cold fading light..

.. and for some reason the streetlights didn't come on, even as it got darker, which just made it all the more depressing. If I could run the walk in reverse, it would be a happy story, starting off in the pits of misery and ending with a beautiful climactic view, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. So I went from a wander around what felt like the fringes of the city in beautiful golden red light, to a trek home in the grey cold winter weather..

But it's not really depressing.. I quite like winter, and there's something about the coldness of the air and light that makes me quite happy. Something about being able to return to a nice warm flat with views across the city - it tends to make everything okay again :o)


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