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Good grief.. I've just found out that Especially For You dates back to Christmas 1988 - it's funny to think about watching a song being performed on TV back in the '80s.. For some reason I seem to assume that most of the musical experiences I've had are all from about 1990 onwards.

Even more amusing to me is the fact that by 1990, I was tired of Kylie.. I remember Hand on Your Heart being on Top of the Pops in 1989, but that's pretty much the last Kylie stuff I liked (which is probably still true even today). I recall her third album coming out in 1990, and thinking it was clearly rubbish compared to the first two. This is at age eight. Oh, the snobbery...

And yet, every artist I liked back then pretty much went the same way.. In the case of Erasure, I loved Chorus in 1991, but when I Say I Say I Say came out in 1994 I thought it was crap (and still don't like any of the songs on it to this day). Likewise OMD, Sugar Tax was great in '91, but by 1993 I wasn't interested in any of their new material (though by '96 I'd managed to get over that).

I mean seriously, I don't get that.. In many cases, these albums that I rejected as a child for being too "new", which are now very much retro, still aren't things I'd listen to. Was I that perceptive as a child about what represented good music, to the point where I still agree now? Or is it more that there's some sort of mental block there?

I'm just glad that I seem to have stopped doing that - I'm fully convinced that in the case of Stars, In Our Bedroom After The War is exactly as good as Set Yourself on Fire and Heart. This is rather fortunate - if I start rejecting all "new" music, after a while there won't be anything left...

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i've become more cynical as i've got older. i never listen to the radio, tend to ignore bands i don't know and am wary when bands i like release new music as almost all bands seem to reach a point where they lose their way and the new stuff lacks the charm and quality of the old stuff. it means my playlist is pretty dated but i'm happy with it.

Musical snobbery evidently runs in the genes - ed is no better :o)

This is why having Naomi comes in handy - I'm reluctant to go out and find new music for myself (though support bands are sometimes useful for that), but she has lots of new stuff that I hear in passing and get into. On that note, I hereby recommend Collective Soul, Straylight Run, and of course Stars. Not that any of that is necessarily so new, but it's all good, and will be new to you :o)

I am fortunately enjoying new material by bands I like - Erasure's last two albums have been great, Stars are still on good form.. I think that now I hear musically in a more in-depth and technical way, I can find things I like in songs much more easily.

If you don't see it, I can't show it to you :o)

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