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Now That is Odd
Did's sex test yet again (I've done it over 10 times now, over the past few months/years).... This time, I did it twice. Well, since I'm not 50/50 bisexual, I thought I'd do it as straight once, and bisexual once. So I did.

On one of them, I'll have 13 more lovers, and love 2 of them. On the other one, I will have 8 more lovers, and love 3 of them. On both tests, all my future lovers will be female, and the only difference in how I took the two tests was the sexuality question at the beginning... How odd...

Anyhow, I kinda prefer that to the one I did a few days ago where I'll have 11 male partners.... :o)

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Hmm that's actually funny...

I'm curious what results would *I* get if I changed only this one information...

the results I got a montha go were:

"You will have 6 more sex partners. woohoo:P

The info on your 6 future sex partner(s):
6 of them will be female
0 of them will be male
And you will actually love 2 of them!
Also, you think about sex considerably more than you do it. "

Oh cool, I'll take those 11 if you won't need them ... 8-)

So what are you, around 80/20 bisexual in favor of females?

About that, if not 90/10...

Right, I understand. I'm about that way, only in the other direction. Heh, to quote one of my favorite comedians:
"I experimented with heterosexuality once. I slept with a straight guy. I was really drunk!"

who's that quote from? It sounds like Eddie Izzard, but I thought he was bi.

I tend to try and view people I like by themselves rather than their gender. Besides, I've known some hairy smelly women in my time and some spankin blokes. So whatever. (do I sould like a valley girl saying that? lol)

lol, his name is Bob Smith and he's a great comedian. Another quote of his I put in my livejournal:
"I came out to my parents over Thanksgiving dinner. I said, "Mom, please pass the gravy to a homosexual". She handed it to my father. A terrible scene erupted."

oh and by the way...

Nice journal style! I assume you made it yourself. Well done, I especially like how you made the comment links different color patterns.

Re: oh and by the way...

I did make it myself, although it's now a public style I think (although I'm not sure what level of users can get at it). It's called "Webley Boxes on White" as I recall (Brad uses it last time I checked)...

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