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(no subject)
It's that time again..


"The word America - derived from the explorer's name - appears however not where the modern US is but where Brazil now is. [..] Nonetheless, the US felt it worth $10m (£4.9m) to acquire the map."

Uh.. does this journalist not know that Brazil is also part of "America"? Or that the name "America" pre-dates the "United States Of.." by quite a while? He seems to all at once be surprised that Brazil is marked as America (which it is), and that given this the US still opted to buy the map. It's still a piece of the heritage of that part of the world, and is still the origin of the name commonly used to describe the USA.

It's almost as if the journalist expects the US to turn around and say "What? You marked America wrong on the map? We don't want to buy that.."

Just seems kind of amiss..

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Perhaps you should try the Daily Telegraph website instead for some quality journalism...

Or maybe not - the main news page on www.telegraph.co.uk has a an E-Poll with the question "Who do you think will win X-Factor".

I don't think I need to read any further.


very interesting, but I don't agree with you

With which part exactly do you disagree?

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