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Uh oh, turns out we're not Christian enough..

Apparently 78% of people didn't know where Joseph, Mary and Jesus went to escape from King Herod. It's further suggested that this is down to a lack of "nativity knowledge". Bollocks to that, it's just that people don't care what the New Testament actually says. Ask people about what three gifts the kings brought - people will know that. That's Nativity Knowledge. Knowing that John the Baptist was Jesus's cousin has nothing whatsoever to do with the "spirit of Christmas", and is therefore pointless New Testament trivia.

The last bit kind of makes my blood boil slightly..
"No one seriously thinks that being a Christian or a member of the established church is the same thing as being British today. But, at the same time, if we are serious about social cohesion we can't afford to ignore the stories that have bound us together as a culture for 1,000 years."
I disagree. I think the areas of society that lack cohesion are those divisions around culture and religion, and a greater emphasis on Christianity isn't going to make that any better. In fact, more emphasis on Christianity is going to give the "native" population greater cohesion, which in turn will just make "immigrant" communities potentially feel even more marginalised.

The cohesion they're talking about is effectively acknowledging that there's an us/them culture in this country, and we should make sure the "us" is bound together more strongly. Sorry, that's not really something I want to sign up for...


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