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In the spirit of short posts..
It occurs that I didn't actually talk about going to Amsterdam.

Anyway, I went to Amsterdam a little while back, with Dirk (inane), Oscar (ozjish) and TMA (tma). 'twas really good to meet Dirk and Oscar, though a little disconcerting just how much like an American Dirk sounds, despite being quite profoundly German. (I ought to add that the reason it wasn't good to meet TMA is that I already know him, and consequently no evaluation of meeting him is required.)

We did lots of fun stuff, in a grown-up type way. That means no getting wasted on drugs and alcohol, but instead taking in the culture of the city, visiting the Rijksmuseum, touring the canals, etc.. We're all clearly very old, but I quite liked it. It takes a lot of energy to go out getting pissed, so sometimes it's quite a relief not to have to do it.. I'd like to think that a good time was had by all..

Highlight of the trip had to be getting on the boat for our tour - the captain greeted Oscar in Dutch (as he ought to, since that's his language), then greeted me in Dutch, then turned to TMA and said "Hello!". That's right, TMA oozes Englishness, and not in the way that the Americans find charming. I hope never to forget how it felt to realise that he's even more of a dork than I am.

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Count yourself lucky you weren't also oozing my Englishness on Saturday morning given the sleeping arrangements.

Not possible - I'd have to be asleep for you to manage it, and Dirk made sure that was impossible.. Who'd have thought the large beardy German would snore? ;o)

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