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I worry that there is a theoretical limit to the speed at which I will ever be able to type, and that I am already there... Even though it's sufficiently fast that people watching me don't believe I can possibly be typing, it makes me sad to think it won't get faster..

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I type incredibly fast too when I'm really into something. The man that works in the office next to me never believes that I'm actually typing anything. He thinks it's all scribble scrabble.

I wish that I knew how to really type though, the correct way. 'Cause I don't, and I think I'm too impatient now to learn.


Edited at 2007-11-29 08:57 pm (UTC)

Pfft, I never learned to type "properly", and I've never met anybody who could type faster than me, trained or not.. Makes no difference :o)


Have you considered a DVORAK keyboard? I have several online friends who have had good success speeding up with one.

I suspect that in the short term that would slow me down somewhat.. Is that the plan?

I looked into this possibility last week - suffice it to say it's no good trying it on a QWERTY keyboard with Dvorak layout. Theoretically it can speed things up as it puts the most used characters in the English language nearest the 'home' location of your fingers when resting on the keyboard.

I deeply suspect it would take about a year for anyone conditioned in QWERTY to become equally adept in the alternative - during which time they've been fired from their job for failing to perform any actual work.

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