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Morning has broken
... but we'll send somebody along to fix it soon. Man, I crack myself up sometimes... But not this time, sadly.

Anyhow, I had a good solid night of sleep, and only just woke up about 5 minutes ago. Opened the back door (so the cat can go out when she wants to), went upstairs, and there she was, rubbing up against my legs, edges of bookcases, everything. Cute... So then we walk down the stairs together, which generally takes a long time to do. She runs onto the stair below me and rubs the side of her head against my feet. If I walk down the stairs at anything more than 1 step every 5 seconds, I'm liable to step on her. I don't want to do that. All the while, she was puring, and making little squeaky noises, which was cute...

Right now, I'm listening to my MP3s again, and am about to restart the computer. It's been on for about 16 hours or so now, and the poor thing is running somewhat slowly. Once that's done, I shall come online proper, and start talking to everybody (nobody will be online though, I suspect).

Out of interest, last night I had a dream where I went to the party of somebody else whose journal I've looked at. And then I dreamed I was updating my journal at 10am, and Reycov was online, which I thought was strange at the time because he's not normally up that late. It was bizarre...


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