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This is James Webley, Post Monkey Veteran, signing off.

While my mind is on it, subjects for tomorrow's posts include:
  • Bri - I don't think I ever posted about him on this before, and if I did, then probably not in the depth I'm planning on talking about him in. Squiggy will probably be amused by this one...
  • Jen - well, come on, it's bound to happen
  • Dreams - I'm probably going to have some now, so I'd best be prepared to write about them
  • Friends Series 7 - I'll watch it, so I can give you my opinion
  • Laundry - I plan on doing it tomorrow. Watch for my description of how it goes (since I have everything to wash
  • Anything Else - lots seems to happen to me, emotionally, lately. I'm sure I'll have stuff to report :o)

Goodnight all :o)


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