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Now that I have a few minutes to think, I ought to mention something about the Erasure gig last month...

I suspect that the best adjective for it is "surreal" - the songs were spot on, but the people playing them were strange and unfamiliar. Vince Clarke just looks so mean these days, standing there scowling.. And Andy Bell looks like a slightly deranged version of the old Andy Bell from 1991, and is infinitely more camp. Neither of these was a bad thing in itself, but neither fits in with my general impression of Erasure, which is largely tainted by the perceptions of a ten year old.

The music was great though.. It's taken me a couple of weeks to properly appreciate it, because at the time it was hard to correctly assess it, since this was my first Synth music gig. As such, the music at the gig is pretty much identical to that on the album, so it's a different sort of live experience. But overall, I really enjoyed it, and it was possibly the loudest gig I've ever been to, which seems fitting.

Opening with Sunday Girl was actually a really good move, because of the distinctive intro, and it's turned what was an otherwise okay song into a song that I really like, just because of the instant mental association with the gig. Blue Savannah and Drama were great to hear, just because of how old they are..

I Could Fall In Love With You, Fly Away and Storm In A Teacup are probably my favourite three songs off the new album, so having them all towards the start of the gig helped the general sense of enjoyment and helped me to get into it a bit more. If they'd played the less good songs, it might have put me in a poor mood for the remainder. In the middle of that they also played Breathe, which was great to see live, but I wish they'd played some of the other songs from that album too..

Chains of Love and Breath of Life were good, the latter especially, since it was one of my favourite songs from back in ye olde 1991. Then that was followed up by Love to Hate You, which was just brilliant. At the beginning of the record, there's cheering in the background, and when the beat comes in there's also clapping. To be able to see the song live and participate in what kind of feels like an integral part of the song itself was rather special. Oddly, I didn't enjoy the actual song as much as I'd hope to have done during the gig, but listening to it afterwards I enjoy it more than I used to.

I think that's true of a lot of it, to be honest.. I didn't enjoy the songs at the time as much as I'd want to, but listening to them all afterwards, they've been massively improved compared to how much I liked them prior to the gig. It's an odd effect.

After that, the gig went slightly downhill. Not that it wasn't good, but the choice of songs did not entirely coincide with my list of favourites. Sucker for Love, Victim of Love, When a Lover Leaves You, not really great.. I did very much enjoy Ship of Fools and Chorus, followed by Sometimes. Then it was A Little Respect, which was naturally great.

After that they went back to really early stuff, with Oh L'amour, which I used to love back in 1992 (though the song is off their first album, I just got into that a bit later). Then Glass Angel off their new album, which wasn't exactly inspiring. And finally Stop!, which I realised was the first Erasure song I ever actually heard. Back in primary school, we had some sort of endurance skip-a-thon type thing, and it was accompanied by various songs of the time, including Stop! by Erasure, and Heaven is a Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle. At some point I should look up what year that was likely to have been...

So yes, that was the Erasure gig.. It was generally good, and with hindsight it was great. Next - Stars.. That's one I really can't wait for, because pretty much every song is going to be one that I like, and have liked for a while.. Let's hope it lives up to expectations :o)