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Wrote this a couple of days ago, forgot to post
I never thought that I'd consider Windows Media Player to be a decent piece of software, but it really is..

I've been listening to my new Erasure album, and I didn't think that I'd really been messing with it or anything.. Then when I looked just now, I found that five of the songs have a four-star rating, five of them have a five-star rating. Upon closer inspection, the songs that have five-star ratings are my five favourites on the album, though I don't really remember doing anything specific that would have let WMP know that.

I mean, I know that listening to a song increases its rating, but I don't recall specifically selecting any of them - I've just been listening to the album overall.. Maybe it's to do with me skipping the other tracks at some point, but even then, I'm surprised that it nailed the exact five that I really like..

However it did it, I'm impressed.. :o)