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I'm getting quite nervous about this Erasure gig on Wednesday...

I've seen two setlists for this tour, neither of which relate to gigs in this country anyway, and they look sort of promising.. One of them has Love to Hate You on it, the other doesn't - worrying. That's probably the one song I'm looking forward to the most..

Generally, it looks like Blue Savannah, Drama, Breathe, Breath of Life, A Little Respect, Oh L'Amour, Ship of Fools, Chorus and Stop are on the list.. These are all songs I'd really love to hear.. Chorus and Breath of Life were both on the first Erasure album I ever heard (back in 1991), and Oh L'Amour was on the second album.. I'm confused as to why Who Needs Love Like That doesn't feature, but there we go..

I think my main worry is that I've left seeing them live too late - like, fifteen years too late. If I'd seen them in the 1990s, I might have been certain of seeing more of their old material - this is after all a tour promoting their most recent album, one that I only bought about a week ago.. Even seeing them for their last album would have been preferable, since it is arguably my favourite Erasure album for sixteen years.. As it is, we only get one song off that album, if the Internet is to be believed, and get many many songs off the current one.

I suppose the problem is that this has the potential to be one of the best gigs I've ever gone to, or one of the worst, depending on the exact mix of songs they play.. I don't normally get quite so emotionally invested in these things..

This post is encouraging though.. I understand words such as "тура" and "концертом" (tour and concert respectively), and more importantly, "Оксфорде" and "Ноттингеме" which read to me like Oxford and Nottingham. Which suggests that this setlist comes from the UK leg of the tour, and it includes Love to Hate You. Actually, now I read more, it's talking about the 3rd of September in Oxford, 4th in Nottingham, 5th in "Йорке" (York).. And "Сетлист концертов" definitely means "Concert setlist".

I knew learning some Russian would come in handy at some point :o)

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(Deleted comment)
Unfortunately, every setlist I can find has about seven or eight songs off the new album (so pretty much the whole album), and then plenty of songs from various past albums. It's just a shame that the new album is good, but not amazing, and it's the last album where I'd really love to hear all the songs...

if you're really that worried then maybe you should give your ticket to me...

Will you please unban me from AMA? I have lots of answers to contribute.

I'm sorry for my joke post. If it helps, I think each and every one of your face icons are magnificent.

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