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(no subject)
Utterly ridiculous..


This is such poor writing:
An Australian team found dog-walking was prompting birds to take flight, causing numbers to plummet by 41%.
Oh no, they mean that the birds are dying? I mean, if their numbers drop.....
Dogs were walked, on leads, along the 250m-long (820ft) trails, followed 20 seconds later by an observer who counted the birds seen and heard. The experiment was repeated for walkers without dogs and for a control scenario where there were neither walkers nor dogs. (surely the observer would still interfere with the scenario)

The team found that dog-walking was causing bird numbers to drop by an average of 41% at each site and the numbers of species counted fell by 35%.
So what they're really saying is that, 20 seconds after a dog walks past, 40% of birds have scarpered elsewhere. That's hardly a huge deal, and certainly isn't in line with their opening paragraph..

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I am very sorry to bother you on your LJ, but I noticed I had been banned from commenting in ask_me_anything. doraemanko said to check with you about it.

Is there a reason I've been banned? I've never been banned anywhere before and so etiquette regarding such is unfamiler to me. I understand you can ban for any reason, and I accept that, but I would like to know if I've done something to be banned, so I can make sure to not do it again.

Thank you for your time,

Thank you very much for your prompt attention. :)

I really apprecieate it!!

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