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Hey Mister Blue Sky..
Things would appear to be going well lately.. Naomi had two interviews for jobs last week, and was offered both of them, which is pretty good going. Subject to credit checks and such, she'll be working in town in a couple of weeks, which means we can share walks to and from work when working hours permit. More importantly, it means two incomes, which means when our time off coincides, we can go do nice things and not have to worry too much about the money side of things.

We also had our two and a half year anniversary, though it's almost a month ago now.. Still, thirty months is quite impressive, certainly when compared to any other relationships either of us have had. The anniversary weekend was mostly spent at her aunt's house, since it was her birthday. I had my first braai, and I've decided I rather like Boerewors. In geeky news, now that I've started learning Dutch, I can pronounce Boerewors correctly too :o)

Anyway, summer seems to be gone, if it ever arrived in the first place. Today has been beautiful and sunny, and I've taken several photos of various things on my way to work, but I fear the weather won't last. Still, since I like Winter anyway, I doubt I'll mind too much. In the meantime, the rest of the week should be bright and sunny - useful since I'm taking Thursday off, and Naomi and I are going to the zoo. Have to make the most of her time before she starts on the new job, after all..

Work still continues much as ever.. I get to play around with cool stuff, like designing my own software to actually use to do my job, designing e-mail templates and graphics, and just generally having lots of fun playing around with data. Better to be a geek and enjoy your job, than be cool and hate it..

I seem to find that I'm at my most talkative when I have no time to actually write. I had many more things I wanted to say here, but now that I actually have the time to write them down, they're no longer in my head. Ah well, if they're important, they'll come back to me.. :o)