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This translation is bollocks:
Norfolk Telecom Foenkaad
Dieh kaad es uni f'dem kaad foen orn Norfuk - kaa yuuset enisaid aels. Dem punch hoel shoe baut hau mach mani laef in. Dieh kaad uni el yuuset f'ring weih from Norfuk.

Norfolk Telecom Phonecard
This card is for Card Phones on Norfolk Island only. Punched holes show approximate credit remaining. For international calls only.
Surely the translation should read:
Norfolk Telecom Phonecard
The card is only for those card phones on Norfolk - you can't use it anywhere else. The punch holes show 'bout how much money left in. The card is only used for ringing away from Norfolk
Doesn't seem so hard really.. I mean obviously it's one thing to translate the written word and another to understand the spoken word, and official phrases like the one above tend not to involve the more complex colloquialisms, but still, that seemed fairly straightforward...

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Oh dear.. I actually went to the list of people who were banned, to see if you were on there, and take you off if you were. As far as I could see, you weren't on the list - hence the comment above. In fact, I searched the page for your username, and it didn't show up.

Of course, after this little outburst, you can consider the ban permanent. Please don't try to speak to me again.

And you obviously can't follow instructions.

My previous comment was entirely accurate. Especially the part about the permanent ban. Kindly stop leaving comments here.

Just ban me. Thats what you are good at. I don't care that I'm banned, you've fucked up the community anyway. But it does piss me off that I have people running to me telling me I'm not banned and wasting my time because you are lying to them.

There's that word again, I'm not sure if you think that repeatedly calling me a liar is hurting me, or if you just can't think up anything else to try to attack me with..

The community is in no way fucked up. Plenty of posts every day, lots of comments on them, the world has successfully carried on without you. As far as I can tell, there's no difference.

But if it'll shut you up, I've unbanned you. I hope you're happy. Now be quiet.

I'm not even going to waste my time checking again. This is probably one of your twisted games. And I'm not calling you a liar in an attempt to hurt your feelings. I seriously doubt you have any. I'm calling you a liar because you lied.

As for "lots of posts = good community". Have you even looked at the damn thing? Right now the background is some troll's icon! At the rate things are going with your little monkey mods running wild you won't be getting lots of posts for long.

I'm afraid I didn't lie. Well, up until the point where I told you just there that you were unbanned. You aren't. But up until that point, no lies, sorry. I didn't see your name on the list of banned users, that's all there is to it. I'm not sure why you think yourself qualified to tell me what I did or did not see - why are you in a better position than I to judge that?

As for the background, it's not the icon of a troll - it's the icon of a respected moderator. If you'll care to take a look, the vast majority of comments on the post where he announced it were positive. You're out of touch with what the people in the community really want - they love the new world order. You're the only one who doesn't, and you're gone from there now.

If you could just be gone from here too, that would be great, thanks..

They are only saying that because they live in fear of your crazy ass. Oh, and I saw your little comment about my icon. I may be fat, but you are ugly and need everyone to see your face constantly to reassure you that you aren't. But they are just telling you what you want to hear in order not to get banned. You are so pathetic it saddens me. Enjoy your pitiful reign over an internet community. I'm doing trying to reason with your stupid ass.

Nobody lives in fear of me. Plenty of people insult me and I completely disregard it. As I did with you, when I didn't ban you.

As for my looks, mercifully I don't require validation from you, so no harm done. The reason I have my own picture as my icon is because I have done, constantly, for over seven years. It happens to be my most recent icon, rather than my 'best looking' icon, which somewhat invalidates the idea that I use it just so that people will see me looking 'hawt'.

Anyway, more importantly - does this mean you're going to go away and leave me alone now? Your silence will be taken as a "yes" - no need to reply.

Yeah, but it made me click your icons and its like a sad homage to you. Which makes me think you have issues and need internet validation.

And yes, I'm leaving you alone. I'm starting to get bored. But if you really wanted me to stop talking to you, you would have banned me from your journal several comments ago. I think you are just attention starved. Thats probably why I got banned in the first place, you saw how many people wanted me to be mod, got jealous cause you know no one really likes you and banned me.

I think it's a deeply meaningful montage of Me Through The Ages.. Every userpic I've used for the past four years or something - it allows me to track my changing hair colour.

However, I don't encourage people to go through my userpics, and I only ever use the default, so I'm not sure that it really matters.

As for not banning you, I'm proving a point - since I never banned you from the community, it's only fitting that I should avoid banning you here also. I have asked politely a number of times if you can, y'know, leave. Thus far with no success.

And now we come to the real issue - you are bitter that everybody wanted you to be a mod, and you still didn't get it, but people you hate did. That's just the way it goes - I like them, I don't like you. I just wanted to see what people thought, and then did as I pleased anyway. I'm reasonably sure that everyone who voted for you was probably an idiot anyway. In any case, I don't try to be popular in that community - why then would it bother me to find out that I'm not?

No need to answer, I'd still rather you left... That is if you can bear to tear yourself away....

Since you admitted your mistake, I've unbanned you. Because I'm nice like that.

As a condition of your unbanned status, I require that you reply to that post, just to annoy him ;o)

Might as well earn my rebanning.

Thanks for the opportunity to make him weep. That was fun. Have a nice life. Laters.

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