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This is fucking awesome

So, the relevant part is..
I think mostly, the artists that interest me live are those that I used to listen to when I was much younger, just for the goosebumps. With that in mind, I'd love to see OMD and Erasure live
So, I just booked tickets to see Erasure live in Bristol in September, and I've been excited about that for the last couple of days.. Then I wondered if OMD were touring, so I went to their website, and it turns out that they're the support band for Erasure's tour (sort of.. ex-members anyway).. So I'm seeing my two favourite bands from 1991 (and for most of the '90s) in the same night.. I'm finding it hard to imagine how there could exist a better gig.. This is going to be awesome :o)

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i am officially jealous.
behold my face of jealousy.

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