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I can build anything...
It being 5:30am, I've just watched quite a pretty sunrise.. Bye bye sleep pattern....

I think I've watched approximately 12 hours of CSI today, in the background, while I concentrate on my Great Work. That is to say I've taken my hierarchical tree-based customer selection software (which was good, but only I could use it) and designed and built a drag and drop fully 2-dimensional node-network selection tool. Effectively, I've taken software that's worth like a hundred thousand pounds, and built something that mimicks a lot of the functionality reasonably well. There's huge gaps, and it's all in VB, so it's not like I could sell it. But in terms of usability, it's pretty damn special.

It should be noted that if Naomi was here this weekend, I would not have been allowed to get away with not sleeping tonight, and my Sunday would consequently be better. I have a feeling I've just written off my whole weekend on this... It's rather nice to have somebody around to keep you sane, and without that lord knows what I'm actually doing.. The point is, while she's in Reading she's being missed here (along with my sleep!)..

But still, maybe this project will make the coming week a bit more interesting.. A bit of polish tomorrow and I think I'll have something good enough to actually present to people as a complete piece of software, capable of handling all the selections for our e-mail and SMS campaigns... Which means maybe being in a position to take a step back sometime soon, which in turn means more time to actually do the 50 hours of work that I seem to find myself committed to every week.. And that's got to be a good thing..

Bed time now, I think...


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