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Sometimes it just pours out...

This I find to be very odd.. There were 514 British veterans alive in 1999, and now we're down to just three.. When I was little, there were thousands of them, and I remember seeing them on TV news each November.. It feels wrong that in a few years, they'll all be gone.. The most senselessly bloody war in human history, and there'll be nobody left that actually remembers it.

I suppose as time goes by, things like that will happen more and more.. A few decades ago, that sort of loss of history would have gone unnoticed, since communication wasn't really so hot, and people lost track of who was where. Plus, events of sheer global significance hadn't really started to take shape in the same way that they did last century.. We only have about thirty years left before the World War II veterans are all gone, and then (assuming nothing comes up in the meantime), the concept of "world wars" will really be a thing of the past, replaced (one presumes) by small skirmishes with insurgents around the world..

In totally different news, I feel quite bad for somebody at work.. She's gone off sick, and an e-mail went around the office announcing "Shingles in the department", with content including:

"If you have recently been in contact with [name removed] and have concerns, we’d advise that you contact your GP."

Way to go.. If the individual responsible had actually checked, he'd have found that shingles cannot be transmitted from person to person, and is in fact caused by a failure of one's immune system to continue to suppress the dormant chicken pox virus from when one was a child. It sucks, but it's nothing to go telling everyone about in an alarmist fashion..

And in further random news...

"Whatever Logic is good enough to tell me is worth writing down"

I've been expanding my mind today by getting my head around a series of logical paradoxes. I feel like somebody has been fisting my third eye, which I'm sure is a lovely mental image. It's good fun to get your head around paradoxes though, if only in order that the next time I see a red apple, I can rest assured that I have increased the probability that all ravens are black.

In other news, the value of my shares has increased by £80 today, which isn't bad.. One day I'm sure that money will come in very handy indeed...

Living alone is slowly sending me slightly mad, though not in a bad way.. I've been conducting some experiments, in the absence of somebody to tell me to stop messing about.

The first was that, in the course of washing the toothbrush holder in the bathroom, I stumbled upon a way to accurately measure the degree of aeration in the water that comes out of my bathroom tap. See, it comes out very soft and cloudy, because it has lots of bubbles in it. By directing the water at speed into a container that had a single point of entry and single point of exit both on the top, I was able to ensure that the entire contents of the container was of a similar consistency to the water that came from the tap. All I had to do then was to switch off the tap, allowing the water in the container to settle, and the bubbles to come out. Ignoring issues of pressure within the container, I have deduced that the water in our taps is approximately one sixth air by volume.

The second one involved taking vodka from my freezer, and dripping cold water into it, to see if it made instant ice cubes. After all, the vodka is at a temperature below freezing, and so logically provided the overall thermal energy of the mixture didn't exceed the melting point of water, it should have worked. And it did. Small droplets of water formed either tiny spheres of ice, or shards, depending on the way in which they passed through the vodka.

I'd be interested to see how a drop of boiling water would react - I've never really studied temperature exchange in fluids, so I don't know what would happen.. One presumes that, being boiling water (and assuming its passage through the air doesn't cool it significantly), it would take appreciably longer to freeze, and therefore would start to dissipate through the alcohol first. Would it start to spread out in one particular direction before it was finally overcome by the subzero liquid? There really is only one way to find out..

The final one is weird.. I think, though it's hard to be sure, that I'm getting static shocks off the water in the bathrooms here... In theory, it's possible to undertake the entire 'bathroom business' without touching anything that would earth one - non-conductive ceramic seats, light sensitive flush switch (so you just have to wave your hand in front of it), etc.. It is entirely possible to reach the taps having not earthed yourself for quite some time. And once again, the taps turn on by just waving your hands in front of them...

So it feels decidedly odd when the initial impact of the water feels slightly shocking.. The first few times I assumed it was my nerves reacting to the sudden change in temperature, but I'm now starting to wonder if the water is providing a mechanism by which I can become earthed and discharge an accumulated static electricity potential.

These are the things that now occupy my mind in the absence of human contact outside of work. Frightening, isn't it? :o)

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I also live on my own, but instead I prefer to occupy my time thinking about how I would kill people like you and get away with it.

James has already got that one covered.

Ice dagger.

Sorry to come to your journal but I have had no luck otherwise.
Please may I come back to ask_me_anything?

Deanna :)

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