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Thousands of years ago, at 3:55am this morning..
Oh FFS...

It seems slightly ridiculous that I was just woken up by the combined sounds of loud banging, a fire alarm going off, the sound of people talking in the hallway and the smell of something burning..

A fire? Evacuation?! After struggling to find my clothes so that I don't scare to death those people who escape the fire, I make my way out to the hallway to find that in actual fact, there is no emergency. There is merely a cunt next door.

Exactly what the problem was, I couldn't say... All I really know right now is that I shouldn't be awake, and I've got a reasonably good idea whose fault it is that I am.

Naturally the Internet seems to be off right now.. Suffice it to say, it's currently 3:55am, hence my level of dissatisfaction with the situation.
And now my net access is pretty much buggered, so I think I'll find something productive to do now that I'm finally awake..


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