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I love ice cream... Yummy... I love this song too...
"Will we laugh at how this all began
When you're an old woman and I'm an old man"
- Semisonic
I'm so glad that I bought ice cream, even if it has all melted into gloop in the warm climate of my room - I can't eat it as fast as it melts. Oh well :o)

I'm a post monkey. It's true. Appalling, isn't it. I wish I didn't keep on posting to LJ, but I'm well and truly addicted to posting many many times per day now. It's just so bloody depressing that I can't help myself. Oh well.

In today's lesson, I discuss my future. People have, in the past, asked me what I intend to do with my Artificial Intelligence degree once I've got it, and I've told them that I don't know. This is not true - I know exactly what I want to do with it, and I've known since I got here, perhaps before then.

I want to make kids' toys.

Hear me out, OK? One of my firmly held beliefs is that society is fucking itself up more with each passing day. The solution? Why, it's so simple - sort out what's wrong with the kids. And what's wrong with them? Lack of interaction. Television is a poor substitute for quality parenting, for the most part. Admittedly, I can remember being a little five year old, watching Blockbusters on ITV, which I expect probably helped me a lot. But right now, it's all generic action figures and shite, just as when I was a kid. The point is, toys should be fun and help kids grow as individuals. I want to design a toy which is never the same as another one - why mass-produce identical toys when you can have a toy which no two friends have the same one of. Toys which can interact with each other, and with the person who is playing with them, so they feel like a part of it. Toys which challenge the player mentally, and engage them in some way. Smart Toys.


Just a little fantasy. Knowing that my work makes kids happy, that'd rule. Knowing that I'm doing something to help people, also cool. It'd not be a substitute for good parenting, but it'd be a nice suplement, which would help the kids to grow as individuals and stuff. Whatever....

OK, BTW, Ed, here's your pics:
Edward and myself
Me, Ed, Anna at the Doctor Who exhibition
Anna, Me and Ed on my first day at secondary school

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(Deleted comment)
A very worthy goal, I think ...

Love the pics, especially the 'first day of school' one. ;-)

I think Furbys have already been made. They came out about 1998, I think. Nice idea though.

BTW, I don't think TV has changed that much really. While there will always be the kids that want to watch ITV's Blockbusters (now Sky's Blockbusters) there will also be moron kids like MattyB who will want to watch He-Man (now Pokemon). If the dumbed down shows were not on TV then MattyB would go outside and destroy his brain in some other way. As He-man once said "Although television is a great form of entertainment and education, it can also be bad for you. Remember, when watching television never turn your brain off. Keep thinking, and you will be okay."

My idea goes well beyond furbies :o)

As for TV, I agree - Pokemon keeps MattyB off the streets, and must be praised.

i think the toys thing is a great idea! BTW, you don't post too much. i like reading them. i see everything between you and Jen is perfectly wonderful. GOOD! = ) i'm very glad. i didn't want her to be mad at you.

you need to let me see more pics of little james :)

That's my little brother's department - he has all the pics back at home, along with the scanner :o)

I have many pictures of him which I'll scan in later probably...

Feel free - so long as I'm not nekkid in any of them. Otherwise, it's Ed-jumping-naked-over-paddling-pool-in-public for you :o)

aw, those are the most adorable pics! i love baby pics :) everyone always looks so cute, too bad it didn't stick with me as i grew up

Your school uniform rulez. ;)

Couldn't you have edited the photos so *at least* my face wasn't visible in any of them?

Re: Why include me?

No. Ha :o)

Re: Why include me?

But I look *really* cheesey...
You know I hate photos of myself...
Next time can you edit me out, please...

Re: Why include me?

No. Tough shit. Now get yourself a real picture of your face, rather than a computer dog which looks like it's getting ready to be mounted :oP

Re: Why include me?

You never listen, do you? What makes you think I'll use a picture of my face, considering the fact that I hate pictures of myself?
Not everyone's a poser like you :o)
Anyway, there's nothing wrong with my pictures...

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