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(no subject)
There is a limit to the number of times I can type the word "penetration" (as it relates to percentage coverage of a product within a wider population) before my brain finally blows a small fuse, and I'm reduced to writing stuff here...

It's been a few weeks now, living in Bristol, and I must say I'm really appreciating the extra sleep.. A lack of curtains ensures that I wake up on time every morning, occasionally to blue sky (though not often of late), and does the same for Naomi, meaning that she's always tired enough in the evenings to go to bed at a reasonable hour. God I'm old...

Still no phone line.. I've been calling BT about it several times a week, but apparently it's an "offline team" that has to deal with my query, and nobody yet has been able to put me through to them. Basically, if you want BT service into a new property but aren't bothered about getting their Broadband package too, then nobody wants to hear from you. All I need is for an engineer to come in and plug in the line that's already in the building, ready to go, but they're being 'difficult', to put it politely. I really don't have time to sit on hold to them right now, but first thing on Monday I'm going to go absolutely ballistic at them...

Not that I think parabolic unpowered flight is in itself scary. What a silly expression..

Still, without access to the Internet, it does leave one able to enjoy such things as television. It reminds me of why I don't fancy getting Sky+ actually - that feeling that if I want to watch a show, then I have to make time for it, and if I don't make that time then I just don't get to watch it. No backlogs, no catching up, if the show is good and I've nothing better to do then it gets watched, otherwise I probably didn't care enough about it to make it worth it..

I've started watching Big Brother again, after a good couple of weeks not watching.. it just got too painful to watch, and I'm not sure that it's any better now - I think I'm just better able to deal with watching the pure scum that star on it.. I mean seriously, several of these people are the absolute worst that humanity has to offer, and it's just depressing to think that I live in (roughly) the same world as these people.

That said, there are up-sides.. Thaila was, as far as I'm concerned, the most attractive girl to ever set foot in that house (much more attractive than Imogen last year), and seemed (dare I say it?) quite normal and down to earth.. It's probably for the best that she then left a few days later, because it would probably all have been ruined and I'd end up feeling the same way about her that I do about everyone else in there. Still, she was pretty, and that's the important thing..

This weekend should be good.. Tomorrow I'm going shoe-shopping, which sounds boring, but it'll be nice to get out and about around Bristol and take Naomi around everywhere.. Hopefully taking her out to dinner as well, but I need to do a little more research about where's good.. I have some ideas though :o)

Anyway, looks like home time.. I'm done rambling for now...