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This is what goes on in my head, with the whole maths thing.. I had no idea that there were people for whom this isn't how they experience numbers.. This is just how numbers are, as far as I'm concerned - there's sort of a ladder, and it twists and turns and goes down hills and stuff..

It's always nice to know that there's a name for what you are :o)

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I had no idea there were people out there for whom this is how they experience numbers.

But then I have no real understanding of maths or how it works beyond the basics :/

I tried explaining it to Naomi last night, and realised just how odd my way of seeing numbers apparently is.. They're shapes, with corners, that connect to form slopes that can be viewed from different angles depending on your perspective (as determined by the magnitude of the numbers you're dealing with). For example, I can look up from one to ten, or I can look down from twenty back through ten down to one again.. It's neat, but I can't draw it :o(

I can't even visualise that :/

But then that's apparently the way people's minds work, some people see certain things in ways that other people don't, and the people that don't just aren't wired to be able to.

The way I build up queries in my head (locking tables together and visually removing rows) is perfectly sensible to me, but weird to every other memeber of the deptartment. They seem not to be able to create and run queries as well or as quickly as I can, in the same way that I can't do maths at anything like your level.

Brains are weird.

There has always been a name for what you are James.

The first comment already covers that, you're a bit late :o)

Alas demands on my time more pressing than LJ detract from my ability to post in good haste.

You are assuming my comment was inferring an insult though.

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