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Time seems to go by so fast.. It doesn't feel like we've been in this flat for that long, but it's coming up on a year, and we're already moving into the next place..

It's actually really nice.. We'd been a bit worried about the area, since when last we visited it was kind of run down, and it was raining which certainly didn't help the feel of the neighbourhood.. But yesterday it was lovely and sunny, and there were loads of cafés with people sitting outside drinking, eating etc.. It kind of reminded me of Brighton, or maybe Camden, either way, it's good..

The more I think about living in Bristol, the more I'm looking forward to it.. Our road has nice organic food shops, bakeries, butchers, grocers.. A proper self-contained community, like.. It's going to be fun :o)

So yes, yesterday we started moving.. I really had no idea how much stuff we've got, but it turns out we have quite a bit.. Moved in some furniture, and a load of clothes, and we still have like two dozen boxes to move, it's rather daunting.. Still, it's already starting to feel kind of like home :o)

In the middle of it all, we went out exploring.. There's so many nice places that we're going to have to visit - fresh food, eating out, lots of nice shops.. It just feels like the sort of place where we can make a real life for ourselves, in contrast to Cardiff which for one reason or another has never felt that way..

Lunch was Pizza Hut, because it turns out that Naomi and I never seem to eat anything else while out.. That needs to change :o) But it was cool, we got it takeout and ate it on the floor of the new place. It's hard to explain exactly why, but there was something really cool about eating pizza on the floor with the in-laws while moving into a new place. First meal in a new city and stuff, it's just quite a nice memory to take with us..

So the plan for today is to finish off all the packing.. The back bedroom is finished, the living room is finished, the main bedroom is getting there, and the kitchen.... Well, that's probably just going to be a case of sticking loads of stuff into boxes, so hopefully it shouldn't take too long.. We'll see :o)

This time tomorrow, we should probably be mostly moved in.. New city, new life, I'm rather looking forward to it :o)


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