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Right, I'm now situated at a different gate. Needless to say, this makes everything completely different - no longer am I vexed by the fact that my flight is several hours late. After all, I've only been waiting at this gate for thirty seconds - that's no time at all! The past has been erased!!

I think the end of my previous sentence was something along the lines of it being preferable to close my eyes and simply wish myself home with a click of my garish footware, since it might be more successful than waiting for BA to get me home.

If anybody is interested in the inconvenience from which I'm suffering, feel free to look up BA1335 from Newcastle to Heathrow, as the estimated departure time slips further and further.. Poetically, the flight after us, BA1337, has already boarded and is ready to depart. Because they're 1337. DYS?

In any case, I'm probably stuck here for at least another half hour, maybe more.. What fun!


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