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Big Brother 2007
The idiot with pink hair grates on me quite a lot.. People that messed in the head should not be on TV.. The twins - seriously, I don't even want to learn what their names are, let alone which one is which. The one whose cousin is a footballer is also very annoying, as is "Shabs". The older lady seems reasonable, but I'm not actually expecting to like her because such people quickly become isolated and become painful to watch. The one who thinks she's Victoria Beckham is prettier than her idol, and hasn't annoyed me yet, which is an encouraging sign. The posh one from Bristol is slightly annoying, but I'm not annoyed yet because she seems, to me, like a more 'worthy' human being than most of them, if only because she seems vaguely educated.. The weird Welsh one seems harmless enough, and I'm glad they didn't boo her, because she doesn't come across as a bad person.. The funny catholic asian one seems a bit annoying, not quite in the same league as a lot of them, but I don't see anything I especially like.. The last one seems kind of okay, so long as she actually delivers on her whole demonstrating socialist persona thing.. I wonder who'll annoy her more - the conservative posh one, or the idiot twins who are confused by politics.

So a house of eleven women, a good seven of which already annoy me (exceptions being Chanelle, Emily, Laura and Carole). It's no wonder that I'm far more into Australian Big Brother this year, and plan to remain that way.

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I like kicking you when you're down, so just remember that one of these people is going to walk away with £100,000 prize money, and probably some reality tv contract and autobiography publishing deal, let alone all the money they'll make from appearing in magazines and on talk shows. Let's call it £500,000 minimum, just due to the ratings you helped chalk up and the buzz you're helping to create.

Stop the nightmare. End the suffering. Destroy the Big Brother House today.

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