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This is the worst thing the BBC have ever done. Seriously.

I mean are they kidding? I find it hard to believe that he could mis-spell "Obby One" and manage to correctly find the spelling of Alderaan. Similarly, what adult doesn't know that Darth Vader is Luke's father? Or thinks that Luke and Leia might "get it together"?

Are we honestly meant to believe that this piss-poor excuse for a "journalist" (an entertainment journalist no less) really hasn't had any exposure to pop culture?

I basically feel violated, and feel like the BBC has just bare-faced-lied to me. I'm sure they probably thought it was funny, but it just comes across as ridiculously contrived, and was clearly thought up and written by idiots.

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that is probably the worst thing i've ever read, but i'm still not convinced it's the worst thing the bbc has ever done, which i think has to be subjecting us to natasha kaplunk on a daily basis, stupid tart that she is.

I similarly dislike Mustasha Kaplankski. Susanna Reed is much nicer, although she has the knack of sounding like she's talking to 5-year-olds (which might not be far off the mental age of today's average BBC news viewer)

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