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Back to normal..
There's nothing quite like God's forgiveness. Of course, like all these sorts of things, it comes in many forms - much like Aslan is really Jesus if you look hard enough. Religion doesn't really come into it, in spite of references to God.

So really, "God's Forgiveness" is interchangeable with that general feeling that, in spite of things you may have done, everything will actually be okay. Similarly, "God's Love" is no different from that rush of happiness you get when the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors converge and conspire to remind you of something from your childhood. Or maybe that's just me.

God's Wrath is one that's fairly easy to pinpoint. I mean, if you're open to the idea, it doesn't take a genius to see a few obvious connections between things. No sooner had I said that my God thinks that Wicca is dumb, than my kitchen was flooded. Not kidding - one minute I'm (jovially) mocking the idea of Internet-originating Wicca, and within ten minutes my kitchen was full of water. Frankly, anybody who doesn't see a link there is probably not looking very hard..

Of course, again, "God's Wrath" isn't meant to be taken literally. I'm not suggesting that God takes a personal interest, and thought that flooding my kitchen would be a good way to punish me, just as God doesn't tinker with evolution to make things the way he wants them. It's just how the universe works - sayings such as "pride comes before a fall", or the general concepts of irony and poetic justice tend to suggest that this is not an isolated incident.

So there isn't really a religious component to it.. Sometimes the smell of autumn coupled by a crisp breeze gives me a rush of joy. Sometimes when I say or do stupid things, bad things happen. God is not required, but is a convenient way of describing the indescribable.

In any case, the bright side of what's happened today is that I'm now feeling quite good. Whether it's forgiveness or not, there's nothing to beat that feeling that actually everything is going to turn out okay. It's my default state of mind, and it's nice to be back there...

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I'm working on the assumption here that your definition of 'God' doesn't involve a 'creator' in the sense of someone who owns you and has rights over you by virtue of his decision to cause you to come into existence?

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