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Six whats and a point of who now?
I saw a few moments of Stargate (the movie) earlier, and it occurred to me just what a stupid idea the whole thing is..

So apparently, a so-called 'gate address' is made up of six points denoting the destination, and one point that marks the start, or 'point of origin'. First question - if only one symbol is required to state where the start is, why do you need six to show where the destination is? Surely the same amount of information is required for both locations?

Second, the entire reason they claim that one requires six points is because that's the "minimum" number of points required to plot a location in 3D space. I'm confused - surely the minimum is one point - i.e., where you're going. Alternatively, two points could be used to form a vector, and the destination could be the mid-point on that vector. Or three points could be used to create a plane, on which the locus equidistant from those three points would be the destination. Or four, creating two vectors that create a destination at the point of intersection. The list goes on. Frankly, six points in space being used to create a single destination at the intersection of three vectors is overkill, and would actually be next to impossible, since it would require the constellations to which the gate symbols refer to be in alignment.

Now I know that ultimately this is trivial, and science fiction tends not to actually involve any, y'know, science. It just seems a bit annoying that even the bits of the show that are supposed to make sense in the real world do not in fact have any foundation in reality. I know that the point of six symbols is to serve the plot, not to serve the real world, but I can't help but feel that it's a bit of a cheap shot to invent science that's just wrong when there's plenty of applicable real science out there.

This is what happens on bank holiday weekends, you know.. Lack of stimulation leads to over-thinking trivial things, and realising that they don't stand up to any real scrutiny. I'm sure tomorrow, once I've immersed myself in.. *checks diary* e-mail and SMS planning, as well as designing a system that automatically chooses people for text message campaigns, I won't have time to find fault with poor quality 90s movies. Until such time, I think I might just stew about Stargate some more..

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I guess that's a good point. I still like the show, though. :oP

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