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Ah, the olden days..
It's rather weird, I'm in Cardiff right now watching the Mohawks in the Student Nationals, and it takes me right back.. It's kind of odd though, they play a really different style to the one we used to play, with zone defence and everything.. I was about to say that maybe this new style is the reason they don't suck as much as we used to, but they just made a stupid mistake and went 7-4 down in this match, so maybe not ;o)

It does remind me that outdoors was never my thing.. My only real strengths were that I could outrun anyone (except Felix) over short indoor distances, had nimble feet, and in the absence of wind could catch just about anything.. None of those things help outdoors, and I suspect the feet are the only bit I can still do anyway..

It's a shame, since outdoors is the only form that's really played all year round by all teams, and it's the only one with big tournaments.. Still, it's always nice to be reminded that I was once good at a sport, if fleetingly :o)

Anyway, at 8-5 I worry that the Mohawks are going to lose shortly, and rather than watch that, I'm off to find Felix..


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