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Busy busy busy..
Had my first round of "dental de-scaling" today.. One would think that gargling with Cillit Bang would do the trick, but apparently it's not to be recommended.

I have to say, it reminded me of why I'm not a fan of dentists. Having two people peering into your mouth with various instruments isn't the most relaxing of feelings, nor did it feel entirely pleasant. On balance, I think I'd sooner get probed by aliens - at least you can't really see what they're doing, and they usually have the good manners to erase your memory afterwards..

I've got a busy week this week.. Dentist Monday and Wednesday, working in London tomorrow (Tuesday), working in Brighton on Friday, and a ton of meetings on Thursday.. It's good to be busy, but I foresee stress ahead..

I've been having some fun with the work though.. in my spare time I've devised a way to build customer segments based on taking a core made up of a particular type of customer, and then finding those customers who best resemble that core. It's got to the point where it's pretty automated, so all I have to do is put a set of customers into a pot, and the process will score our entire customer base to indicate how similar each customer is to the group I've chosen. Then I can allocate each customer to the group that they're closest to.

It's neat, because I should be able to shave £25,000 off the cost of mailing our customers about Internet Banking, which in itself would be enough to justify my job for a year. Basically, it allows me to identify in advance huge groups of customers that just aren't going to respond well to being contacted.. And possibly, it'll help to identify groups of customers that will respond that we hadn't previously been considering.

Anyway, looks like bed time...

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Hmm I know a brilliant dentist in Brighton. Brilliant largely because he knows I hate dentists and gives me drugs to forget all about it. 6 hours later I return to normal service and stop talking garbage. Who said the British medical system was finished?!

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