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Rough set list..

Come Home
Waltzing Along
Ring the Bells
Hymn from a Village
(other stuff)
Out to Get You
(more stuff)
Say Something
Sit Down

It's weird, even though Ring the Bells and Sometimes are my favourite James songs, there was something truly amazing about seeing Sit Down performed.. Possibly because I've liked that song for 16 years, but also because I suspect that it was the first song I ever liked, with possible competition from OMD (Sailing on the Seven Seas) or Erasure (Love to Hate You). When I get home, I have to see which one came out first..

Anyway, the whole thing was awesome, and lasted a solid two hours, which makes it worth the £30 per ticket.. Am very happy, even if I can no longer speak due to much singing along :o)


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