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3am, eh?
It's funny, when I'm at home (as in Cardiff), I'm usually sleepy by about 11pm, and asleep before 1am. It's currently 3am, and I'm in Chinnor, so I'm finding it hard to get enthused about the idea of sleeping. Naomi still being in Cardiff and all, there's nobody to cuddle up to in bed with the possible exception of my cat (who is likely to maul me). As such, there just seems to be much less point to going to bed.

Train journey back was okay though.. I devised a way to segment our customer base into different groups, and I gave each group a really crap name, which is always fun. And the upshot is, it actually looks like it worked quite well, and if we were to use that knowledge in future it would enable us to do all sorts of neat stuff with targeted marketing, rather than a scattergun type approach. Now all I have to do is convince people that we can actually use this - after all, the whole method is pretty much made up off the top of my head.. The fact that it works often doesn't come into it..

So yes, now I'm in Chinnor.. Tomorrow (technically today) I'm off to London to see James (as in the popular band of the 1990s) live in concert, which should be good.. I think if I ever manage to see Sugar Ray and Erasure live, then that'll be every band I was ever really into in the '90s covered off (seen Semisonic, Everclear, Live, REM, Goo Goo Dolls, etc.)

Then Friday, I'm not really sure what I'm doing.. relaxing? If the weather holds, then there's some places that Ed and I need to go exploring nearby, old abandoned railway lines and the like.. Stuff you can only really see on Google Earth. The forecasts seem to imply that it's going to be a good weekend - twenty eight degrees in Bristol on Monday, apparently. That should be interesting.. :o)

So yes, either last thing on Friday or first thing on Saturday, I'm off back to Cardiff, where I shall hopefully get some more tidying done around the flat, and then spend a nice warm weekend with Naomi again.. The rest of the week is looking up :o)

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are you sure you're not in cumnor?

Edward prefers that you and I don't speak.

that isn't true. in fact, when we speak he's so overcome with joy that his two favorite people in the universe are interacting that he doesn't know how to interpret it.

You know me too well, my feathered turnip.

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