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What sort of name is Splott?
There appears to be some sort of rule in Splott, that requires cyclists to ride their bikes on the right side of the road. Naomi and I went to pick up my new laptop from CityLink (who had managed to virtually destroy the packaging, try to avoid them if you can) and for some reason, the roads were full of idiots..

First there was the chav boy who, upon seeing that he was riding directly towards a moving car, decided that the optimal course of action would be to do a wheelie. I'm not sure what additional safety this would have afforded him in the event of a head-on collision, but unfortunately Naomi failed to do as I told her, and so we didn't hit him. I'm still of the opinion that the car would have suffered minimal damage, and nobody could possibly have blamed us for his reckless behaviour..

And then on another road, there were two bloody cyclists, each coming towards us in our lane.. They weren't even looking, and barely seemed to notice that we were there until Naomi beeped the horn at them. It was at that point that they unleashed a torrent of abuse, as if we were somehow in the wrong. Once again, we failed to hit them, and once more undermined the law of the jungle.. Evolution dictates that they should have gone home in an ambulance, if only to demonstrate the need for a cycling helmet in future (not to mention teaching them a valuable lesson about the difference between left and right, as it pertains to road safety).

Anyway, we managed to kill a total of zero people on this outing, and came back with my laptop.. Which is quite neat - it's not entirely fast, but it's no slower than my desktop, and isn't completely bollocksed, which is a step up. I've copied over my 32gb of music, and I'm just trying to work out all my software requirements.. Thus far, I've not pirated a single thing - I'm trying to keep it down to legit software, because I'm good like that :o)

Right, looks like it's bed time now....

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(Deleted comment)
In the UK, the standard is to be on the correct fucking side of the road, and do as the other motorists do. You're just another road user, like cars and motorcycles. Driving straight towards oncoming traffic is to be discouraged.

If it was me driving, the first thing I would do would be beep the horn, possibly repeatedly (because I love having the excuse to do it legitimately to the point where I sometimes make up reasons that just about fit in with the highway code). The second thing I would do would be to knock the motherfuckers down if they didn't move out of my way. I'm all for survival of the fittest and cardiff retards definitely deserve to be mowed down at every available opportunity.
Remember this when you next get in a car with me...

Once upon a time, I read guidelines about bike riding (I was bored and it was the only material handy) and it recommended riding your bike toward oncoming traffic, the theory being that you could more easily see approaching cars. However, that just seemed stupid to me because what you gained in visibility was lost in the speed with which the rider and cars would be approaching each other. My dad taught me to ride *with* the flow of traffic and I have rarely seen anybody do otherwise.

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