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Hunger Strikes!
It's 8:50am and I'm already thinking about lunch.. I suspect that breakfast comes in at only about 300kcal, which probably isn't enough to get me through to lunchtime, especially since I eat it at about 5:45am. So for all the complaining about feeling hungry, in my defence it is three hours already since I ate breakfast. But it's also about ten hours until I can eat dinner, so I should probably pace myself..

Still, lunch looks like it'll be good.. Turkey, Cheese and Spinach pita, for about 400kcal or so.. Then another 200 on a chocolate bar for dessert, and overall today I'll be around 900, which leaves 600 for dinner. It's kind of neat really, having a slightly obsessive personality, especially where numbers are concerned, it's been quite good to be able to count all my calories, and actually work out what I should be eating.. I'm reasonably confident that I've not been as light as I am since I left Brighton, and I'm now properly within the 'normal' weight range.

That said, there's still stuff that needs doing.. Redistribution of fat away from my stomach would be a good start, more muscle tone etc.. But I feel like I'm at least on a sustainable path, which is working..

Now if I could just find a way to stop the smell of my lunch from making me even hungrier, that would be great..


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