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awop ba ba loo bop a wop bam boom
I wonder exactly what it means when one knows the lyrics to every song from Grease.

I don't just mean the obvious ones that everybody knows. I mean every word to every song on the soundtrack CD, all 25 or so tracks. Worse, I know the bridge for We Go Together, which is comprised of about a minute's worth of nonsensical words. And I know each and every one of them.

To my mind, it's a very straight man who can dance around his kitchen singing along to such songs. Either that or I'm just past caring what anybody actually thinks of me..

Turns out I'm now 13st 8lbs, which is comfortably within my 'normal' weight range, and getting closer to where I'm trying to get to.. I've lost about 10lbs in the last month, and I'm aiming for another 15 before summer, and a further 17 after that.. With that in mind, I need to think up things that I can actually do, exercise-wise, that I know I'll have the motivation to get around to. The gym isn't too bad, I do actually make it there from time to time, but I need more than that.. Perhaps time to go back to that map of Bristol and work out where else I can explore at lunchtimes..

Work itself is generally hectic.. I have about five different e-mail campaigns to get out of the door next week, Savings, Loans, Internet Banking, etc.. It generally means a constant level of effort, which is something that's often hard to actually muster. Still, on Thursday I get to go to some sort of seminar in London, which will be a nice break..

Then I'm still working on the interest calculator for the bank.. The more of it I start doing in my head, the less I find myself able to actually build the thing, which is frustrating.. It almost starts becoming obvious, at which point it's hard to know exactly what other people want out of it, since it's not normal to be able to look at a load of numbers and just know what's going on.. Still, it leads to much-needed money..

I suspect that I'm rambling now.. Mostly it was a defence mechanism against writing an entire entry solely about the songs of Grease, and my ever-so-slightly camp ability to recall them.. Pad it out with work stuff, and maybe nobody will read it :o)

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I did Grease in High School so I know the words too... haha you have no excuse :)

I wonder exactly what it means when one knows the lyrics to every song from Grease.

u r gay

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